UNTAMED Possum Fur Throws –Why buy a Possum Fur throw

  • We process many thousands of Brushtail Possum pelts annually and select the very best to be made into our Throws.
  • Our processing practices are such that we have minimal negative impact on our environment. Our pelts are Alum Dressed and our use of chrome (Chrome III) is minuscule.   
  • UNTAMED Throws are manufactured by the best furriers in New Zealand.
  • The soft, luxurious feel of our throws, and the high quality of the fur and workmanship guarantees value for money. These are very affordable luxury.
  • Manufactured from a Wild Fur assures that each creation is unique.
  • All products are custom made especially for you. Please allow 4 weeks from date of order to dispatch.


We now offer you a choice of lining on UNTAMED Throws and Cushions.

We have had the idea for some time that we should provide the option of having UNTAMED Possum Fur Throws and Cushions lined with wool, and after working with a New Zealand weaving mill we have finally come up with a beautiful 100% New Zealand wool felt that compliments the possum fur superbly.

We still consider that the Polyester Suede Lining we continue to offer is a good option for lining our luxurious Throws and Cushions. It is lighter weight than the newly introduced Wool Lining and being a suede finish will not slip when placed on furniture or bedding.

Using Wool Lining on our UNTAMED Possum Fur Throws and Cushions completes our philosophy of offering a product that is 100% natural, New Zealand made, unique, and of a supreme quality.


 Fur Facts

Due to the good food supply the Brushtail Possum in New Zealand produce a thick, shiny fur with fine “down” protected by slightly coarser guard fur.

  • Average micron is 16-17, similar to merino wool.
  • Hollow fibre -  creating warmth without weight
  • Strong, soft, light weight leather
  • Fur takes dye very well
  • When shorn, the fur can mimic Mink

The Brushtail Possum was released into New Zealand in the 1840’s to establish a fur industry. With no natural predator’s numbers became epidemic, causing severe damage to the pristine natural environment of New Zealand effecting native vegetation which impacts on native birds and insects. This unique Wild Fur can only be harvested in New Zealand because it is NOT a native animal of New Zealand and exists only in Australia and New Zealand.

Untamed wish to share with you these exciting qualities that result in warm, lightweight luxurious creations. Shop Online Below