The uniqueness of possum fur

Possum fur is a really unique fur with its luxurious soft touch, lightness and warmth, and here at Untamed by Basically Bush we only work with the finest possum fur and leather. It is sustainable, considered the most ethical fur globally and recommended by fashion and environment experts. Let us tell you more about what makes possum fur so singular.

Possum fur

It has a hollow core which provides amazing softness and great warmth. It does this by trapping air in the hollow fibres. It also makes it lighter than most animal fibres, providing warmth without weight. Apart from possums, only the polar bear fur has hollow core fibre.

Possum fur dyes very well, allowing us to offer a great colour variety for our possum fur throws, scarves, pillows and more.


Natural and dyed possum fur throws, pillows and pelts


Possum merino blend

Possum merino is a New Zealand exclusive yarn blend of merino sheep wool and possum fur fibre. It’s a stretchy and resilient thread resistant to pilling and anti-static, 50% warmer than merino wool by itself. Incredibly soft (similar to cashmere), anti-allergic (it causes no itching or irritation) and lighter than wool; it is becoming ever so popular in New Zealand and abroad. It is also a breathable fabric and doesn’t hold much odour, making it comfortable and practical to wear and maintain.

Possum leather

It’s strong, yet thin, soft and light weight leather.

Ethical and sustainable

There are no possum farms in New Zealand, they only exist in the wild, but as they have no predators, the possum population keeps increasing. They are not a native species and cause environmental problems, damaging crops and eating trees and endemic birds’ eggs and small specimens, so harvesting possums helps protecting New Zealand’s singular exquisite native fauna and flora. New Zealand’s possum fur complies with the International Fur Trade Federation Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards and is considered to be ethically sound.

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