Care for your fur piece

Here in New Zealand the colder months are approaching, so you might want to get your fur scarves, coats and throws out of the closet and ready to use. Fur is quite a resilient material, still it needs a bit of caring to last longer, feel always luxurious and look beautiful.

We know that in the Northern Hemisphere you’ve experienced some very cold weather, and now you’ll be looking forward to spring and about to put your fur garments into storage.


In many Northern Hemisphere countries, there are cold storage vaults for fur pieces, but they tend to be quite expensive and limit spontaneous use – you need to think ahead when you want to use it so you can pick it up. Some fur varieties can benefit from the cold storage but the luxurious possum fur with its hollow fibre is perfect stored in a dry cool place at home.

A fur piece also needs good ventilation. Avoid storing it in plastic bags as they can hold moisture inside and develop mould. Prefer storing your fur piece in a bag made of fabric to allow it to breathe.

Allow some space for your fur piece in your closet. Don’t put other things on top of it as the weight can damage the fur fibres.

Keep your fur piece away from direct heat; preferably storing it in a dry cool place and away from the sun to prevent colour from fading.

Hang coats and scarves on broad-shoulder hangers – preferably padded. Don’t use wire hangers as they can damage your fur piece.

Avoid storing fur with mothballs, insecticides and other scented solutions.

Natural dye possum fur pieces from Untamed by Basically Bush - fur care and storage


Put perfume and hair spray on yourself before putting your fur scarf or coat on so the fur won’t absorb too much fragrance.

Brush gently your fur piece with a soft bristle brush to remove fluff and keep it untangled.

Shake your fur throws every few months; this will also help to dislodge dust and small particles.

Be careful with earrings, bracelets, brooches and other items that can get tangled and/or rip the fur.

Allow it to ventilate periodically.

Have any small tearing repaired as soon as it happens, to avoid the job becoming too difficult. We suggest that you take your damaged fur piece back to the company who you bought it from. They should be able to repair it for you.


A bit of rain is fine and so is even a bit of snow. Just shake your fur piece to get the excess moisture out and let it dry naturally (do not use a hair drier or put it close to fire as fur could get burnt and/or get smoke smells). If your fur piece has been immersed into water, we advise that you take it to a fur specialist or the company you bought it from. If this happens to an UNTAMED Possum Fur piece it is likely that the damage will be irreparable.

If you spill something (coffee, wine, food) on your fur piece, get a damp cloth and gently run it on top of the fur to remove the excess. Avoid severe rubbing and scrubbing which can damage the fur. Let it dry naturally in the shade.

For bigger or more stubborn stains, it’s recommendable taking your fur piece to a furrier or cleaning specialist. Again, in New Zealand, we suggest that you take it back to the company you bought it from.

Exclusive special treat for UNTAMED Possum Fur pieces: for New Zealand customers, we can refurbish your Possum Fur item annually, free of charge. Just contact us, freight it to us, we’ll do our magic, have it looking like new, and freight it back to you.