Fur, always on trend for home décor

“There is always a way to wear fur” – the quote by Anna Wintour, Vogue magazine’s ultimate editor, was meant for fashion, but most interior designers and decorators would agree with it when it comes to decoration. It doesn’t matter if your house is more urban, minimalistic, romantic or rustic, decorating with fur can produce different effects and make for an interesting décor, not to mention giving your home a luxurious cosy feel. We’ve compiled some useful tips to decorate with fur like a pro.


Warmth and texture

Texture is one of the main ingredients to make an interesting room. Without a variety of textures and feels, the decoration can be flat, bland and cold. Different elements provide different effects so balancing them is key to bring the decoration together in a stylish and welcoming way. Fur pieces add warm textures to the ambience. The pieces don’t need to be very big to make a statement – you probably actually want to follow the golden rule of “less is more”, to avoid overdoing it. A lovely throw on an armchair, a fluffy rug or a couple of fuzzy pillows on the couch can integrate well with any décor.

Fur over couch to give texture to the decor

Mixing textures for an interesting décor (image: Brit)

"Faux fur encourages engagement in a space," says Gates. "Most people are tactile, so having something in your space that's soft is appealing and makes people want to go into the room and touch it."

Luxurious natural touch

Fur is great to give a natural accent to the décor, from modern minimalistic to more classic looks. Some of the most luxurious hotels and lodges in New Zealand, like the Eichardt’s Private Hotel, in Queenstown, choose fur to add a natural warm touch to their elegant apartments.

fur throw over bed at luxurious hotel Eichardt’s -lake view

fur throw over bed at luxurious hotel Eichardt’s

Luxurious apartments at Eichardt’s Private Hotel 

A splash of colour

Colourful fur pieces are fun and can be a nice statement piece, adding character to the room. 

A colourful touch with fun fur pillows

Living room with a colourful fur touch by Simple Details

Opposites attract

Juxtaposing styles is a nice trend, mixing more contemporary design with earthy elements like fur, leather or rustic wood. A nice trick to harmonise modern austere looking furniture is adding a rustic chic touch of fur.

Going modern and bold with fur (Image: Elena Arsenoglou)

Beauty and function

Fur pieces not only contribute with the décor, they can also be useful, be that a comfy ottoman, a fluffy pillow or a cosy throw; they are all useful pieces that add style to the ambience.

Luxuriously cosy living room with Untamed by Basically Bush possum fur throw

Luxuriously cosy living room with Untamed by Basically Bush possum fur throw  


Fur goes well in all rooms of the house. From the bathroom to the kitchen there is always a way to use fur to have an interesting element that adds class and personality.

Cosy and classy bathroom (image: Houzz)


Texture for a stylish kitchen (image: Carol Hayes Management)

Sue Boot
Sue Boot