Untamed by Basically Bush - Possum Fur Specialists

We are Sue and Steve Boot, and Untamed by Basically Bush is our brand for top quality possum fur products manufactured at our tannery in the Tararua District, New Zealand (1h45 south of Napier and 2h north of Wellington). We have been in the business for almost 40 years and we love what we do! We are also passionate about New Zealand's amazing and singular flora and fauna and feel pleased to be making a significant contribution to its protection.

Untamed by Basically Bush - possum fur specialists

Our unique fashion and home décor products are made from the Brushtail possum fur, the only ethical fur choice. Possums were introduced from Australia in the 1840s and only exist in the wild (there are no possum farms in New Zealand) and are considered a pest, as they are predators to our endangered endemic species, like kiwi birds. So by harvesting up to one million possums annually (most going into fur fibre for possum merino knitwear, with 35,000 dressed and made into exquisite fur creations), we help protect NZ native wildlife, while creating a lot of jobs.

At Untamed, the respect for our environment is part of who we are, so we designed our production cycle to have minimal negative impact on nature. We are always looking for alternatives to reduce waste and no reject skins and manufacturing off cuts are wasted. Also, now all our lining is going to be made out of pure wool, making our products even more natural and environmentally friendly.

We are involved in all steps of production, from selecting by hand the very best pelts sourced from a team of dedicated professional hunters to supervising manufacture. Our products range from traditional fur products – classics never go out of fashion – to more modern design, following up closely the international fur trends in fashion and home décor. 

We would like to share a bit of our world and our passion for fur, news about our products and business, comments on fur trends, tips on caring for your fur products, home décor ideas and all interesting things happening in the fur world.

Sue Boot
Sue Boot